This is your area of the platform where you can learn more about developing your skills, looking after yourself and what to expect if you have an appointment within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Sometimes it's easier to find help online without having to admit to an adult that I am struggling with simple things. It will be good to find the right advice on KIDS Scotland rather than asking someone face to face.

Teenage Boy from West Dunbartonshire

Helping You To Help Yourself

Being a child or a young person isn't always easy.  You are constantly having to learn new skills such as looking after yourself independently, learning new subjects in school, and navigating the world of social interaction; all of which can bring their own challenges.

We hope you will find something to help you on your journey to adulthood within these pages.

Supporting Websites for Young People

Aye Mind

In 2013 and 2014, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde collaborated with local young people aged between 15 and 21 and a wide range of partners to explore how they used the internet in relation to mental health.

Aye Mind is on a mission to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people – by making better use of the Internet, social media and mobile technologies. Young people aged 13 to 21 have helped create the resources.

Improving the mental health and well-being of children and young people is a key priority both internationally and locally.  As part of a wider strategic approach to the promotion of child and youth mental health, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and local partners are exploring the potential of digital technologies. Most importantly, the experiences and ideas of young people are at the heart of this work.



Reach pulls together advice, info, quotes and film footage from young people and a range of youth and support organisations. It is a ‘go-to’ source of advice for pupils dealing with all sorts of issues, including being bullied; changing and leaving school, struggling with difficulties at home; feeling low or anxious: finding it hard to access learning and take part at school; being care experienced, and much more. They have put a big focus on sharing young people’s experiences and opinions.

One Boy's Experience of Speech and Language

The Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland

About the Commissioner

The Children and Young People's Commissioner is a person. Their job is to help you understand your rights and to make sure those rights are respected. Their goal is for children and young people in Scotland to be as safe and happy as possible.