Toileting Equipment for Children with Additional Needs

Equipment ideas to help with toileting for children with additional needs.


Bathing, showering and toileting equipment will help continue to support your child through these areas of personal care.

There is a vast range of systems and companies which offer a variety of solutions, both for home and school environments.



Produce Purpose

Great for children who require some support whilst getting on and off as well as sitting on the toilet.

Product Description

The Nuvo™ Children's Toilet Frame is made from coated steel.  It is strong and strudy yet lightweight and easy to move.  Featuring moulded, padded armrests for added comfort.  It is supplied free standing and features non-slip rubber ferrule feet for stability.  Adjusting the height is easy, simply take out the 'e' clips, slide to required height and slot the clips back in.  The frame is easy to clean and autoclavable up to 80°C.



Produce Purpose

The Flamingo is a toilet/bathing chair. It is available in 4 sizes and is suitable for children and young adults.

Product Description

The Flamingo Chair is a modular multi-functional product.  The seat can be tilted and the back can be angled.  The Flamingo can therefore children with their seating posture. Easy to clean and facilitates personal hygiene. It is adjustable in height and it can be placed over the toilet or can be used with a pan.  For more support for the trunk either swing-away side supports can be mounted or upholstered sides which surround and support the shoulders can be used.



Produce Purpose

The Combi Toileting chair is a great starter chair. Its design enables it to be used as a supportive chair whilst at the same time providing numerous features to assist with your child’s toileting needs.

Product Description

The Combi Toileting chair incorporates a potty for younger children that can easily be removed to provide a commode seat for children who have progressed their toilet training.

The Combi Toileting chair comes complete with potty, plastic commode seat, seat pad and pelvic strap.  There is also an option of fixed or height adjustable arms.



Produce Purpose

The Rifton HTS promotes the forward positioning that is ideal and natural for effective toileting.

Produce Description

This system can be used ON the toilet by attaching mounting bars, Over the toilet or OFF the toilet with a mobile base and commode pan.  Tilt seating position forward or back.  Additional features include adjustable hip and chest support.



Produce Purpose

Supportive over the toileting chair which can recline helping facilitate during showering.

Produce Description

There are 2 sizes to accommodate approx 3-9 years.  Plastic and aluminum construction for durability, eliminates rusting and aids ease of cleaning. Features simple tilting mechanism to facilitate showering in a variety of positions.

Tilt locking safety mechanism for security and peace of mind.  Height adjustable headrest, footrest and frame to suit a variety of clients and settings. Soft foam liners for comfort and hygiene. Elongated aperture for easier personal cleaning. Contoured seat to provide support and facilitate toileting Large braked castors for ease of movement and maximum security.

Detachable splash guard aids abduction and may be removed for easier access. Large capacity detachable potty easy to remove and clean. Optional soft foam headrest for added comfort and support.



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